Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My Films Are Being Stolen on YouTube!

There are currently hundreds of films from Direct Cinema’s past and current catalog that have been uploaded to YouTube and other sites like it. Every single one of them, from the popular PBS series Carrier to Disney’s Oscar® - winning animation short Tin Toy, is being streamed illegally. YouTube is fully aware that its site is rife with such content, which infringes on copyright and robs creatives of the earnings they deserve – even as the uploaders of the content make money from it via advertising. However, instead of actively seeking to curb piracy, YouTube puts the burden on copyright holders, like me, to flag videos for removal. It’s high time Congress forced these sites to own up to the stolen content that they inadvertently host, but openly use to turn a substantial profit. YouTube must be held responsible for the materials its users share, taking stronger measures to ensure that the person who uploads a video also owns its copyright. READ MORE

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