Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Blackbeard’s Head & Bell Recovery Video Released!

In commemoration of the 300th  anniversary of the grounding of Blackbeard’s flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Nautilus Productions has released two new video clips from the project. In 2005 underwater archaeologists on the Blackbeard's Queen Anne’s Revenge Shipwreck Project uncovered the ship’s head or toilet from the stern area of the wreck. In 2006 an unmarked bell was recovered. This is the second bell found on the wreck site. Both were sent to the QAR Lab for conservation. For the first time short video excerpts of their recovery can be viewed on Nautilus’ YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2B004FADA64B9A59. The complete videos of the recoveries are available for license as part of Nautilus’ nearly two decade long digital record of archaeological efforts on the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

The infamous pirate Blackbeard ran his flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, aground just outside Beaufort Inlet, NC in June of 1718. He was later killed in a fierce battle near Ocracoke N.C. in November of 1718. Nautilus Productions is the exclusive owner and licensor of footage from Blackbeard the Pirate's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge (QAR). Since the 1996 discovery of the wreck by Intersal Inc. The Nautilus Productions staff has been the official video crew for the study and recovery of the infamous pirate Blackbeard's ship the Queen Anne's Revenge (La Concorde) since the projects inception. Project videographer, Rick Allen and our staff have worked with the North Carolina Underwater Archaeology Branch documenting this incredible underwater find. Nautilus Productions' duties have included the video documentation of site activities above and below the water as well as documenting the archaeological survey, provenience and recovery of artifacts from the shipwreck. This archive is the digital record of the project. Our Queen Anne's Revenge stock footage and images have been licensed worldwide in books, magazines, news broadcasts and in over a dozen documentaries airing on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, the History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, NBC, PBS, the Smithsonian Channel, the Travel Channel, ZDF and more. Nautilus Productions' owner and project videographer, Rick Allen, has also been featured on WUNC Radio & NPR's "The Story" - Blackbeard's Shipwreck And The Hook and in numerous news stories and magazine articles.

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Nautilus Productions LLC is currently suing the state of North Carolina and the Friends of Queen Anne’s Revenge non-profit in federal court over copyright infringement and the unconstitutionality of “Blackbeard’s Law” passed in 2015.

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